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Simple Wrap Apron

photo 2-3 photo 3 photo 4I have been looking for a pattern to make this kind of apron/pinafore for ages. I found it! I love this one and it was fun to make. I chose to line it and make it reversible, but you can make it not and it will feel lighter. See here for link to Japanese Sewing Books website with this pattern and tutorial:

I just discovered this neat site from Singapore. Her name is Yifarn and her blog is brilliant (and perfectly translated!)


Belt without bulk

IMG_3456This reminds me of the old days when we embroidered everything denim. I like the work on the back so much I think I’ll pick out the stitches on the front of the waistband and continue this all the way around. I love that it looks like a belt but with no extra bulk where I do not need it.