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Rope Baskets


Yesterday I found a tutorial via Abby Glassenberg’s newsletter posted February 10, 2016. The tutorial is found here by Florence. Abby mentioned that Jodi of was making them.

Now I can’t stop making them.


Materials and Tools

  • sewing machine that zigzags and will manage the heft of the cording or rope (most home sewing machines are fine)
  • assorted colors of cotton thread – standard dressmaking weight is good
  • rope or cording 100% cotton best
  • snips, pins or clips

Start by making a tight coil and turning it a few times. Clip or pin it in place and sew a few straight stitches over it jamming it together so it won’t separate and being careful not to sew over pins or clips. Then start zig zagging (set to widest width) around the center catching both sides of the ditch. Keep the rope flat with the feed off to the right side and down your lap. While pushing the coil towards itself and turning tightly as you go start out stitching very slowly. Lift the presser foot if you need to help it along. It’s tricky at first and then gets easier as the circles get bigger. Changing colors of threads in both bobbin and top will add interest to the bowl. When the circle is about 4-6 inches in diameter start tipping up the left side towards the machine. This will make it curl into a bowl- magic!

When it’s big enough or you are going to run out of rope- finish by laying the cord down on the outside and sewing it down about an inch. Trim it off. It will fray and you can leave it that way or hide it by trimming or glueing. The tutorial will show ways of making handles, too.

To make a lid sew another flat circle until it’s about the right diameter to match the bowl. If you leave an inch or two free at the beginning you can then go back at the end and tie it into a knot to make a knob. By gently fiddling with the flat piece you can work it into a curved shape so the lid will balance nicely on the bowl.

Thanks to Abby, Florence and Jodi. You can see Jodi’s work here  and Florence’s terrific tutorial here  Many thanks also to Abby Glassenberg who writes the wonderful newsletter