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Block printing

I like the pink blocks best. They don’t crumble like the blue ones and the white ones. So far I haven’t liked the Lino or wood because it’s much harder to carve and I can get as much detail with the pink as I need.
I tried tracing with carbon paper and all that but now I just keep it simple by free hand drawing with a ballpoint pen. You don’t have to follow the lines exactly and you can really see what you’ve got with no smudges.
I use a bunch of carving tools that you can buy in almost any art supply store. “NIji” brand tools have a straight wooden handle. “Speedball” has a set with a bulbous red handle. I don’t recommend one over the other, I just pick up whatever feels sharpest and right at the moment.


Simple Wrap Apron

photo 2-3 photo 3 photo 4I have been looking for a pattern to make this kind of apron/pinafore for ages. I found it! I love this one and it was fun to make. I chose to line it and make it reversible, but you can make it not and it will feel lighter. See here for link to Japanese Sewing Books website with this pattern and tutorial:

I just discovered this neat site from Singapore. Her name is Yifarn and her blog is brilliant (and perfectly translated!)


Belt without bulk

IMG_3456This reminds me of the old days when we embroidered everything denim. I like the work on the back so much I think I’ll pick out the stitches on the front of the waistband and continue this all the way around. I love that it looks like a belt but with no extra bulk where I do not need it.


Painting wooden bangles steps 2 and 3

I decided the glossy Mod Podge didn’t look right. It was too shiny and felt sticky. The matte looks much better. I sealed the wood first inside and out with White Lightning white stain and sealer, but had to do it outside. Even though it’s water soluble it still has fumes and that gives me a headache fast. I used an emery board to smooth rough spots, but didn’t go too crazy with that. Some colors needed two coats, others three and then touch ups before the surface design step.



The orange and pink ones are finished with Mod Podge matte, the middle one with glossy.

Avian Friends

I am not usually a puzzle person. If one is set up I will get drawn in. I was in a shop called Lovely Things in Portland, ME last week and saw this beauty by Geninne Zlatkis. Geninne is one of my heroes.. I love her blog and her shop on etsy. So I took the plunge. 1000 pieces! I want to do it to study her paintings. Beautiful.