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Knitting with paper


First thing I cut up a Priority Mail envelope into long thin strips.

By making slits in both ends of each length you can join them together.

By making slits in both ends of each length you can join them together.

Cast on loosey goosey as it won't stretch at all

Cast on loosey goosey as it won’t stretch at all

20140622-110101-39661259.jpgBecause it is apparently a federal offense to use Priority Mail envelopes for anything other than actually mailing something I thought I better say that I’ve recycled this one.
Have you ever tried to rip one in half? I believe it’s made of Tyvek, the stuff they wrap around new houses to keep moisture and wind out under the siding. It’s really strong.
I cut long strips and connected them to make a ball of “yarn”.
The question is not ” what will you use it for or DO with it?”
The question is “was this a FUN project?”
And the answer is “YES!”


Yacht? Sloop? Schooner? Ketch? Yawl? I did learn this in sailing class a long time ago, but I don’t remember much. I do have wonderful memories of sailing in 210s, Lightnings, Flying Terns and Turnabouts. We had wet sponge fights after the races and if it was really hot we dared each other to capsize our terns learning too late that the new fangled metal rudders were not secure and our dads had to hire scuba guys to retrieve them.

Sailboat applique

Sailboat applique

Some years ago I taught appliqué stitch quilting at Cranberry Quilters in South Hamilton, MA. This is an example of appliqué done with zig zag stitches on the sewing machine. IMG_3524 IMG_3522

Sea glass addict

I have a beautiful little beach near me and I can never stop stooping to pick up sea glass. Most of it is brown, white or green (beer bottles?). I have a lot after seven years and am thinking of fun things to make. IMG_3505 IMG_3506 IMG_3507